NLP Sales Coaching

Want to Step Up Your Sales Game to Reach the 1%?

nlp sales coachingIndividual Sales and Performance Coaching

Our One-to-One NLP sales coaching teaches you effective NLP sales strategies, guides you through building confidence and achievement goals, and will increase your personal performance to skyrocket your sales.

You will learn how to:

➤ Operate in peak state
➤ Identify mindset challenges and overcome them with ease
➤ Write powerful goals and outcomes to ensure success
➤ Understand how clients filter and map their reality
➤ Read the clients unconscious motivations and triggers
➤ Develop advanced feature and benefit explanations
➤ Understanding what lies beneath the objections and how to overcome them
➤ Use Hypnotic language patterns to inspire
➤ And Much More!

Our NLP Sales Coaching Program is Customized for You!

Top sales performers learn and use NLP in Sales to win! Through one-on-one coaching, we will teach you how to master your state of mind and communicate your message confidently to your client’s unconscious motivations. Stop guessing what your clients think and know what they really want. By knowing what they want, you will be able to easily lead them to the purchase.

What’s Covered During Your Sales Coaching?

Traditional sales training can only take you so far…. Our NLP Sales Coaching allows you to step out of the confined box and into unlimited growth!

Old-school sales tools are handy for the masses but are limited in the basic tools that most customers are already familiar with. If you want to step into the top 1% of income earners in your industry, you can’t rely on what the masses do. Our NLP coaching and sales training will give you new and more intuitive tools to break out of the box of traditional sales and into the spotlight.

Your Sales Coaching consist of private coaching sessions with NLP trainer and Course Co-Creator Adam Defoe where you will learn key tools and techniques that will unlock your selling potential. Plus, you’ll have the option to accompany your One-on-One Sales Coaching with our online NLP Sales Training course.  The combination of Sales Coaching and our Online NLP Sales Training course will give you a unique learning experience completely customized to your sales niché.

NLP sales coachingThere is no need to travel to get access to your own personal NLP Trainer. These private sessions with Adam can be conducted from anywhere you have internet access.

Your Coaching Sessions can include, but not limited to:

➤ Developing purpose and vision
➤ Advanced goal setting
➤ Action plans and timelines
➤ Creating metaphors that fit
➤ Overcoming obstacles
➤ Anchoring states
➤ Getting unstuck
➤ And More!


At the end of your Sales Coaching journey, you will have developed an arsenal of tools and techniques to adapt to any client’s motivational needs and deliver the sale. Not to mention, you will have also discovered your own motivation and create your state of excellence to achieve your goals!

Every day your sales don’t improve, someone else is getting ahead!

Ready to Start Increasing Your Sales?

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