Master Your Emotions in any Sales Situation

Sales Master Emotions NLPUsing NLP for Sales is the key to managing your emotional state during sales.

The sales profession can be an emotional rollercoaster. The rush of the highs and the gut-wrenching lows can generate major turbulence! On any given day, you can be on cloud nine from a big sale, then days later there are no prospects in sight. Managing your emotional state during these extremes is vital to your success.

Managing your emotions can be seen as staying in a resourceful state. Maintaining it throughout the course of a typical ‘Salespersons Day’ can be near impossible. However, with the right tools, you will be able to call on it whenever needed.

Three Resourceful States

To get to a place where you can move from negative emotions to positive actions, you need to go through three phases.

1. Okayness

Experiencing negative emotions is completely normal. In fact, they allow us to steer ourselves back on course. If you didn’t experience these darker emotions, then you wouldn’t be able to reach the peak of your abilities. Continue to remind yourself that, “It’s okay” when negative feelings arise. Just acknowledging and noticing them should give you a sense of Okayness.

Noticing the states we are in allows us to detach or dissociate ourselves from the emotions themselves to look at the feeling objectively. This is key to being productive in the next step.

2. Embrace

Negative emotions are a wake-up call for action. By appreciating their purpose, we can embrace the insight they give us.

Once you are in a state of Okayness, you now have the capacity to look at the negative state you were in to understand where it came from, or what caused it.

Was the negative state caused from disappointment? Frustration? Lack of self-control?

Within the state of embrace, you can list what specifically triggered your negative emotions and find solutions to resolve them.

I felt disappointed when my client didn’t follow through on their purchase. Why didn’t they follow through?
I felt frustrated when my boss didn’t notice the idea I contributed during the sales meeting. Why didn’t he notice?

3. Action

Getting into the resourceful state of action is the way to master your emotions.

Once you have your list of triggers, you can now assign a positive action to each. By creating a list of action steps, you can now take control of your emotional state and go from negative to positive.

If you were feeling disappointed (negative emotion – find okayness), and realized it was because you weren’t able to clearly inform a customer on what they should buy your product (embrace), now your action may be to memorize the benefits of the product so that you can clearly communicate them when needed (action).

If you were feeling frustrated (negative emotion – find okayness), and realized it was because you didn’t follow through with explaining how your idea could help sales (embrace), now your action may be to write up an itemized proposal showing exactly how your idea can help improve sales to present to your boss (action).

Get the idea?

There is no need to feel afraid or ashamed to have negative emotions. They are an integral part of growing and improving your sales and communication techniques. As you see, it is not difficult to go from a negative emotional state to one of power as long as you follow these steps.  As you practice, this process will become your automatic response. The state of resourcefulness will quickly become your default position.

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